The Process

Step 1.
From your initial enquiry we will arrange an appointment with our designer . The design package involves a site meeting and consultation to discuss your needs, after which he will present you with a CAD floor plan and elevations. Although not a complete set of plans, it will become the blueprint of your Development Approval if you wish to proceed. Our commitment to provide a quality design requires an investment in time and our fee for this service is $700.00. A budget estimate for the project will follow.

Step 2.
If the budget is acceptable and you wish us to proceed, we ask that you sign an “Instruction for Preparation of Plans” agreement and the plans & associated documentation will be prepared and presented to you for final checking prior to submission to council. Depending on your council & type of project, professional services may be required (survey, shadow diagrams, geotech reports, engineering etc) prior to lodgement of the DA. On submission, a tax invoice will be forwarded to you for costs incurred including council fees paid on submission.

Step 3.
Once approved, a firm quotation will be presented to you taking into account the council conditions of approval, the specific engineering details and any other requirements imposed.

Step 4.
If the quotation is acceptable a contract will be drawn up, agreed on and signed.